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Mohammad Javad

iOS andWeb Developer,
Medical Student

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About Me

I'm Mohammad Javad, a 24 year old Medical Student[by Day] and aniOS andWeb Developer[by Night].
I'm experienced in MERN Stack.
It's a popular stack of technologies for building modern single-page applications and websites.
Studying, Coding, Learning new Things and Watching Movies are my routines!

MERN=[MongoDB, Express.js,React.js,Node.js]


imedapps website

A fully responsive and modern website which I created withNext.js because of it's built-in Server-side Rendering features. Backend is aNode.js/Express.js REST API Server.

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pregnancy calculator

Pregnancy Calculator

Pregnancy Calculator is an app for calculating Gestational Age and Edtimated Due Date and is being used by many Medical Students, OB & GYN Residents and Doctors.
There are two versions of this app, AProgressive Web App which I built using React/Redux and an iOS app written in Swift.

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Admin Panel for iMedApps

Admin Panel for iMedApps

An admin panel for managing, renewing and sending users their accounts. I usedReact.js for frontend which is powered by aNode.js/Express.js REST API.

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COVID-19 Statistics

A Next.js App with Reack Hooks that pulls latest COVID-19 Statistics from an outside API.

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Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences (HUMS)

Sep 2014 - Present


Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan, Iran

Home University :D

2015 - Present

iOS and Web Development

Anywhere with my Laptop!

Allameh Helli High School (Sampad)

Sep 2010 - Aug 2014


Kerman, Iran


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